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Gruber-Latimer Restoration's master craftsmen are working on a major project in Frederick, MD turning a former industrial site into apartments. Known as Ox Fibre, our team is touching nearly every aspect of the work, rebuilding walls, window casings and doorways.

Our team is helping to ensure the historic beginnings of the site will be preserved for many years to come, providing future residents with a beautiful site to call home.

If you'd like to be part of the team, please contact us to learn how we can help you develop the skills needed to restore and preserve brick and stone structures, including private homes, stone bridges, federal and state park sites as well as buildings in service as educational sites, offices and more.

About Gruber-Latimer Restoration

For more than 50 years Gruber-Latimer Restoration has been the "go to" company for stone and brick restoration, specializing in 18th and 19th centuries structures. Gruber-Latimer Restoration craftsmen have decades of experience and expertise in both residential and commercial projects.

Gruber-Latimer Restoration was founded in 1968 and over the last half century has become the premier stone and brick restoration firm in the quad state area. The company has helped restore many historic private homes as well as completing a significant number of projects in the commercial and public sector.

Founded by Hagerstown businessman Dick Gruber, the company quickly began developing an expertise in historic construction techniques. Jack Latimer became the owner in 2001 and focused the company’s efforts on masonry buildings in both the public and private sectors. Among Gruber Latimer Restoration customers are Antietam National Battlefield, Shepherd University, Rock Creek Park, the Maryland-Capital Park and Planning Commission and the C&O Canal. Notably, the company did much of the work on the Canal’s Big Slackwater restoration.

Today, the company is owned by Brien Poffenberger who took the helm in 2019. He has long been an advocate for historic preservation and was once a customer of Gruber-Latimer Restoration. Brien and his wife, Chase, own an historic home in Sharpsburg, MD. Brien’s family has been in the Sharpsburg area since the 1730s.